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5 October 2021

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Using unique of creatives: why is it necessary and how to achieve it?

Before the traffic ebbs, it will not be superfluous to evaluate the creatives of other webmasters. If a working approach is found, you can try to repeat it. But you cannot blindly copy other people’s advertising materials, it is ineffective. We have considered why use unique creatives, how to do it correctly, and what services will help you in your work. Let’s get started!

Why do we need unique creatives? Therefore, it is important to create unique creatives before work. Let’s see how to do it.

How to create unique creatives? There are several techniques for creating unique creatives. The best option is to combine methods with each other.

Here are the main methods for creating uniquecreatives: “Interference”

A great way to interact with Facebook moderation. If you apply filters to pictures, the image will again become unique. Any filters will not work, the best option is to use “white noise”. Visually, it looks like a small noise on the TV.

An example of “interference” superimposed on a photo

The method has a minus – since this filter is almost invisible to the human eye, it does not bypass banner blindness.

Meta data

Technical way. The main advantage is flexibility, because this method can be used with any other. In addition, clean metadata will prolong the life of the account anyway. Here’s how the method works:

Install the XnView service => Open with his photo => Find “Metadata” in the “Edit” section => Clear all metadata.

After complete cleaning, open the image in any graphics editor and save using the editor. This will fill the clean metadata with the service mark so that the picture does not look suspicious for social networks.

The main disadvantage, as before, is that there is no bypass for banner blindness.

Minor editing

Something that will help to truly uniqueize the creative. Subject the materials to a little processing in graphic editors. After applying noise and clearing the metadata, the method will achieve 100% uniqueness.

Here’s how to unify by editing:

  • Add\Change text. It will not be superfluous to play with fonts and colors.
  • Color correction. You can change the base color scheme. This will not only allow you to get uniqueness, but also attract attention.
  • Color Correction Example
  • Applying filters. Visually enhance the image.
  • Change the main picture. You can find a picture similar to the main one, and leave the text and editing “as is”
  • Crop, bevel. You can slightly change the proportions, skew or crop materials. It also helps to unify.
  • Creating unique videos
  • Don’t forget about video creatives. To get uniqueness in this format:
  • Apply filters
  • Change the sound
  • Add Music
  • Add subtitles
  • Change montage. If it is possible to trim the first 10 seconds of the video, or shuffle different fragments of the video.

Important Details:

  • When working with creatives, pay attention to these aspects. They will increase the uniqueness and help not to make mistakes at different stages of work:
  • One creative on Facebook can be used only once. If the creative has already been uploaded, additionally make it unique before re-uploading.
  • Changing the extension is also a good option. If possible, change the extension before uploading.
  • Cleaning up metadata is more important than it seems. Facebook leaves tags in the meta-data, according to which creatives are then banned. Clear this data and fill in again. Failure to do so will result in your account being banned.
  • Don’t leave the meta information blank. Before uploading, additionally resave the creative using graphic editors. This will rewrite the meta information.
  • Services for working with creatives

We have compiled a small selection of services for working with creatives:

  1. Pixlr. Photoshop analogue, online service. Easier to learn, does not take up space, easy to use.
  2. Canva. Intuitive photo editor based on working with templates. There are more templates than Pixlr, the free version allows you to work with many of them.
  3. Figma. promoted th graphics editor, with the possibility of teamwork and autosave on the cloud. There is a desktop and web version.
  4. xnView. Program for working with metadata. Desktop version only.
  5. inshot. A simple video editor. There are applications for smartphones and a web version. It will be enough to uniqueize ads. Of the pluses – there is a paid version with an unlimited validity period.

How to check uniqueness

Verification is needed to verify the uniqueness of the materials. Make it easy, try to find similar pictures using the Yandex.Pictures service. If the service did not find similar images or confidently offered an analogue, the creative is unique.

Use these methods to make your advertising campaigns more effective. It is not difficult to creating a unique creative, it is important to be attentive and combine different methods.

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