How to develop and test a bundle?

7 December 2021

8 min read

Webmasters are ready to give everything for the sake of a tested and profitable bundle. However, what does it actually look like and is it possible to create it yourself? We will answer these and other important questions in today’s material, so take the information in pencil and go!

Bundle is a unique approach to traffic flow, which consists of the following elements: offer, geo, creatives, audience, traffic source, landing page. At first, there is no understanding at all which bundle will bring profit and it will take a long time and hard to hone your skills. Especially for our readers, we talked with experienced team leads and wrote a few tips that will help you quickly find that very bundle.

The basis of everything is detailed analytics. To quickly find a profitable bundle, you need to disassemble it and study each element. Be sure to draw up a portrait of the target audience – demographics, interests, triggers, stops. Always evaluate solvency by device and country. To find converting promo materials, just browse spy services and you will find the best elements of advertising campaigns.

Do not be afraid to ask questions and constantly look for new information – be sure to make new acquaintances, communicate with affiliate program managers and try to get up-to-date insights. It is ideal to surround yourself with specialists from different fields – a designer, layout designer, team leader, copywriter.

Constantly learn the details – study the peculiarities of the culture in the country where you plan to launch traffic; collect a list of forums where webmasters share experiences. The more information you get about each component of the bundle, the more chances you have to quickly make a profit.

Testing bundles – it is impossible to take into account all the moments and there is always a human factor. Therefore, speed and readiness are so important – while one webmaster is about to launch a test, the second one is already casting tens of thousands on it daily. Be fast and decisive.

The most important information is how to properly test links in order to get the maximum amount of data and understand where the market is moving. Many people think that tests are risks, but you can always reduce the chance of errors and financial losses.

The first thing to do in testing is to remember about segmentation. You need to start with the audience: it is impossible to predict which layer will give the best result. Be sure to consider gender, age, interests, and goals. Also try not to use large samples – it is ideal to break up groups of up to 200-350 thousand people.

Create creatives separately – all segmentation does not make sense if you run the same banner for each group. Be sure to create different ad formats. For example: if you work with an offer from the inside, then creatives for men and women are radically different.

Risk management and common sense – always set limits and understand at the beginning of the launch what total budget you are ready to allocate. Many people simply leaked the budget due to the fact that they forgot to prescribe spending limits. And forget about greed and hopes – if the bundle does not pour into plus during the test, then nothing will change with an increase in the budget. If we talk about betting on one audience, then it is best to bet an amount that is equal to 2-3 payouts per lead on your offer. Thus, you will immediately understand the economics of the traffic bay and will be able to test the necessary elements for little money.

Even when you can finally find a profitable combination, you can’t relax and think that the hardest part is behind you. In this case, you begin the second part of the work: optimization based on the data received, the search for an additional audience, and final rotation.

If you can’t find a profitable link for a long time, then you don’t need to get upset, but you should change the approach as a whole. You always have to move step by step. It all starts with an offer — talk to the manager, get information about current offers, collect statistics about the envelope, request all the information: from the audience to promotional materials. Then study how competitors work with spy services. And start building your own – it is important here that it makes no sense to repeat the actions of competitors, you need to come up with your own unique elements.

In order for each of you to finally consolidate the information, we will tell you in detail about the profitable bundle and its elements.

First of all, we talked with the manager and received from him a list of offers that perform well. Then we chose a product – Noprevidin. In short, it is a compact and very lightweight device that uses non-invasive assistive lens technology. It stimulates the eyeball using daylight, turning it into therapeutic impulses that allow the process of non-surgical lens care to begin with the accompanying processes of regeneration and strengthening of the eye. We immediately analyzed the target audience and realized that the main hypothesis is that people over 30-35 years old have vision problems.

and are willing to buy this product, because in the end it improves vision, regenerates the main apple and removes inflammation.

Then the promotion stage began, and here the information from the manager helped us a lot: the best approaches in this case worked in the form of a story from an ordinary person or a doctor’s blog. We settled on the first option. As a result, we started testing through natives and uploaded to Germany, optimized by teasers and widgets. As a result, even at the test stage, we got a good approval — more than 50%, and also found creatives that gave an envelope of 5%. By the way, here is our preland. In the creatives, we focused on the eyes and in the images we showed that there is a solution that will help get rid of the pain. As a result, even in the test phase, our ROI turned out to be around 40%, which means that the bundle can be safely scaled.

In general, testing links is a constant process and you shouldn’t count on success the first time – yes, it can be a huge success, but it’s better to remain realistic and act competently. The search for a profitable link is the basis of work in traffic arbitration. Experienced webmasters eventually understand the features of verticals and quickly find ready-made solutions. Beginners should remember that you need to be persistent, competently conduct tests and be attentive to all components. The search requires a lot of analytics and tests, but even one profitable link found will pay off the efforts many times over.

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