What verticals focus on for New Year's holidays?

12 December 2021

15 min read

The New Year is already close, which means that some products in the beauty and health vertical are becoming especially in demand. In order for the festive ebb to bring profit, we reveal 4 bundles that already show effectiveness.

Use the approaches in your own strategies or just copy the creatives and start pouring – the bundles work, we checked. Please note that they are relevant only for Facebook. 

Bundle №1, Carattia cream

Our first bunch can be called classic for winter. A skin care offer, a promising and solvent geo, trendy creatives and a landing page in the form of a women’s blog.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the aspects.


An anti-aging moisturizer works especially well during the cold season, and there are several reasons for this:

  • Growing demand . In winter, the skin lacks vitamins, and therefore the problems with it become aggravated, it begins to peel off and is more easily damaged;
  • Top offer . Carattia Cream is relevant at any time of the year, and against the background of beriberi and cold weather, it is only gaining popularity;
  • Protection . It not only heals the skin, but also protects it, has a cumulative effect. In winter, this is especially true, as you need to prepare for temperature changes.


  • Belgium, we advise you to pour on it. It is a country in Western Europe with a population of 11.5 million people. The average age of women in the region is 42, which is older than average.
  • The climate is marine, the country is washed by the North Sea. People in countries with similar climates are more likely to experience skin problems due to salty air.
  • In terms of solvency, the region is considered one of the most promising. The average income of the population is 3500 euros per month. The price on the landing page is 89 euros per jar. We pay 25 euros per lead.


We have identified several profitable approaches in creatives and have already checked the bundle. The methods work, keep them in mind when designing banners.

So, our selection of creatives and features:

“Before/After . The approach has always shown relevance, and it does not lose it even by the end of 2021. Use “custom” images and demonstrate the effect on contrasts – this will attract the audience;

Illustrations. Design promotional materials in the form of pictures, where you demonstrate the effect with the help of arrows that “smooth out” the skin.

Collage . Make a small collage of pictures with well-known experts, add a visualization of the effect and leave an understatement – post photos with unusual products or references to folk remedies.


Format – a women’s magazine, a piece of a blog. Text – storytelling from the face of a woman who got rid of skin problems at the age of 40-50 years. It is important to insert “user” photos, leave space for comments and write in detail – people are interested in reading such stories.

Skip short posts in favor of long reads. The longer the sales funnel, the more likely it is to convert. If you lead a person to buy too quickly, he will understand that the gasket is a fake.

Bundle №2, Flexoni

Joint pain worsens in winter. Causes – weather changes, lack of vitamins and cold. To help the elderly comes our offer – Flexoni, which became the basis for the second bundle.


  • Flexoni are capsules that reduce joint pain and restore their mobility. A natural remedy, it is easy to use, it has no side effects and has a cumulative effect.
  • It treats pain in bones and joints, the user gets the first result instantly. In the future, the composition of the supplement regenerates bone tissue, curing the primary source of pain.


  • Spain is a state in Europe with a population of approximately 50 million people. The age of the population is above average, for men 41 years old, for women – 44. The language is Spanish, the currency is the euro.
  • From the north and west side it is washed by the Atlantic Ocean, from the south and east it is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. In countries with such a humid climate, joint problems appear more often, the weather changes quickly and affects health more strongly.
  • Solvent geo, average income – 2250 euros per month, price on the landing page – 59 euros. We pay 25 euros per lead.


  • In creatives, we have identified several approaches that catch the audience. The main format is collages, they allow you to combine several USPs at once.
  • But what to pay attention to when developing:
  • Visualization of joints and problems with them. It will help the audience understand what problem the offer solves.

Folk remedies. The composition of the capsules is completely natural, this is one of the main advantages. Demonstrate it, place photos of products and folk remedies on creatives.

Foci of pain. People are looking for a product not because they thought about the treatment, but because their knees “ache” them. Put pressure on the “pain” and demonstrate why you need to buy the product. A sharp reminder of the problem will help convert the user.

Age. Often your customers will be people who want to help their relatives. Show that the product helps to take care of the older generation.


Format – news from the world of medicine. Operate with numbers, attach photos from “conferences” and talk about the effectiveness of the drug and the “breakthrough” in the treatment of joints.

It is important to write about a quick effect, a person wants to get rid of pain right now. The cumulative effect is also important, without it, the capsules in the eyes of the client are no different from painkillers.

Don’t forget about user-generated content, this is one of the main trends that affects conversions. Leave the comment form and fill out this block. Attach photos of healthy older people close to your target audience

Bundle #3, Multilan

Hearing treatments also convert well. This bunch can hardly be called seasonal, but it is suitable for the New Year’s eve, as it shows efficiency right now.


  • Multilan are capsules for the treatment of hearing. Convenient to use, restore function, and not just drown out symptoms. The composition is close to natural, there are no side effects. Not only treats, but also protects against relapses.
  • The package contains 60 tablets, this is a monthly course of the drug. If applied 2 times a day, hearing is fully restored in a month.


  • Active in Italy . The population is about 60 million. One of the best countries in terms of life expectancy, the average is 83 years. The proportion of the population over 65 is 35%, and the average age in the country is 53 years.
  • Since hearing problems manifest themselves in old age, the region is considered one of the best for such remedies.
  • The average income is 1200 euros. The price on the landing page is 69 euros, and for a lead we pay from 22.75 euros.


  • There are several approaches to creatives that show effectiveness. When developing, pay attention to the following details:
  • Unobtrusiveness . Do not overload promotional materials, a hint of hearing problems will be enough.

Show pain . As with joints, this approach is effective for older audiences.

Illustrations. Demonstrate how the auditory system works and what causes problems with it. This will smoothly lead the user to the topic of the pre-lander.


The specificity is very similar to the remedies for joint pain. The essence is medical news, the format is a report. Operate with numbers and show benefits. Share percentages of treatment success, build trust with expert help, and use infographics.

Don’t forget about user-generated content, come up with a character who has already solved a hearing problem with a drug. In this block, the main emotion is shame from the fact that a person has to constantly ask again.

Also, do not forget to indicate the duration of treatment, the faster the capsules act, the better the gasket converts.

Bundle #4, Dr Extenda

Potency is relevant at any time of the year, but in winter the demand for funds increases. The reasons for this are not clear, because the cold season is characterized by reduced activity and a decrease in libido.


  • Nevertheless, there is a demand, and Dr Extenda, one of our top offers, satisfies it. Of the advantages – the natural composition, lack of addiction and treatment of erectile dysfunction.
  • A promising product with an immediate effect, targeted at different age groups, from young people to grandparents. Gender distribution – 80% of men and 20% of women are interested in the offer.


  • Our choice is Portugal . The population is 10 million people, the average age is about 40 years. The language is Portuguese, the population is fluent in English. Currency – Euro.
  • A freedom-loving and liberated region, one of the first to allow LGBT marriages and decriminalize most of the drugs. The topic of sex is acute here, and due to the spread of soft drugs, the population is experiencing problems with potency.
  • Monthly income is kept around 1200 euros. The price on the landing page is 53 euros, for a lead we pay from 18.20 euros.


  • The approach depends on the age of the audience. Pay attention to the following aspects when developing promotional materials:
  • Elderly couples. Problems with potency appear with age. Demonstrate a contented elderly couple and pills, people will take the hint;

For a younger audience, the emphasis should be on bedtime and young girls. Guys want to give pleasure, and “long-playing” drugs will be relevant for them;

User Content. Draw attention to the product with live photos. A young unremarkable guy surrounded by beauties and a slight hint of eroticism is what will attract users.

Use characters from the porn industry, this will be the most striking hint of a long and rich sex life. It is important that the audience knows the personality you have chosen. For example, like this:


The format is similar to the previous ones – this is news from the world of medicine. Tell users about a new drug that will change the world of the sex industry, add numbers and infographics.

Forget about user-generated content, adapt the blocks to the audience. In our example, we used a block with a Portuguese man aged 37, but if you plan to run ads for an older audience, change the block and use photos of grandfathers.

In conclusion

The New Year holidays are already close, and this is the best time to start traffic arbitrage. The arrival of cold weather and the desire to leave health problems in the outgoing year are the reasons why the relevance of offers is growing.

Solve the needs of people and use our bundles, we have already tested them and are confident in the performance of each of the approaches

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