Top DirectAffiliate Offers Launched This Summer

17 August 2021

8 min read

This summer has become mega fruitful for Direct Affiliate, we have launched more than 15 offers and we are pleased to present the best offers of this summer.


Programming course

Codding4U2 is a platform for learning JavaScript programming languages with HTML and CSS elements, allowing you to learn the basics of programming in no time.

The offer is available in three geos:

  1. Czech Republic €16.38 with AR 57%
  2. Hungary 16.38€ with AR 63%
  3. Romania €14.56 with AR 54%

Target audience: men/women 40+

Creative example for Codding4U2

Bay Tip: Use animated videos with written codes and rich programmers. RK divided into male and female.

Malemaxin 360

 Hair health

Malemaxin 360 is a supplement to strengthen hair and prevent hair loss. Designed for people suffering from hair loss who want to accelerate their growth and improve their condition.

The offer is available in three geos:

  1. Germany €21.84 with AR 57%
  2. Portugal €25.48 with AR 58%
  3. Spain €29.12 with AR 47%

Target audience: men 35+

Gulf Tips

  • Best target: men 35+
  • Landing page example for Malemaxin 360
  • Tests are best done with a breakdown of the audience into subgroups 35-44, 45-54, 55-65+
  • If you cast only 35+, it will be more difficult to understand what age group the leads come from
  • We recommend uploading creatives with balding men, they convert better than “before/after” creatives.

Revi Bloscone

Keeping the liver working

Revi Bloscone is a nutritional supplement that supports the normal functioning of the liver and helps maintain proper lipid metabolism.

The liver is one of those internal organs that are most vulnerable to the negative consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle. At the same time, it is the most important organ that cleanses the body of toxins. However, alcohol abuse, unhealthy food or overeating are some of the factors that put a significant strain on the liver. To keep it in good condition for many years, it is recommended to take nutritional supplements regularly .

Target audience: men and women 40+

The offer is available in four geos at once:

  1. Belgium 21.84€, AR 58%
  2. Finland 32.76€, AR 53%
  3. Italy €21.84, AR 56%
  4. Netherlands 18.2€, AR 56%

Landing page for Revi Bloscone

Bay tip: you can pour on both the male audience and the female one, but it’s better to focus on men, because they drink alcohol more often and lead an unhealthy lifestyle.

Please note that the offer is highly specialized. Use an approach in creatives like improving liver function, despite poor nutrition, fast food or alcohol.

Snacky Doggy

Offer for dog health

  • Snacky Doggy is a nutritional supplement for dogs Snacky Doggy to strengthen the bones and joints of dogs of all ages.
  • The supplement contains chondroitin sulfate, which additionally supports the flexibility of the tendons – the animal can move better.
  • Available in Belgium starting at €21.84, AR 52%
  • Target audience: m/f 35+

An example of creative for Snacky Doggy

Gulf Tips

  • Mention in advertisements that joint and bone health problems in dogs are very common, lesions can reach 50% of the bone tissue.
  • List the top 3 dogs with bone problems: German Shepherd, Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever.
  • On creatives, depict different breeds of dogs, the difference before / after, healthy active dogs.

Temiserron Opti


Temiserron Opti is a food supplement in the form of capsules containing natural ingredients. It is known for its mild properties that help relieve hemorrhoids.

The product contains 5 natural ingredients with a biphasic effect:

  • protective and contracting effect on the blood vessels of the rectum,
  • relief properties by softening fecal matter, making stool easier to pass and protecting sensitive areas of the rectum.

Contrary to popular belief, constipation isn’t just a problem for the elderly – it’s estimated that nearly one in three adults suffers from constipation.

Hemorrhoids also occur in people who don’t drink enough fluids, don’t eat enough fiber, and aren’t physically active.

Target audience: women and men, 35+

Available geos:

  1. Belgium 21.84€ with AR 57%
  2. Denmark €20.02 with AR 55%
  3. Finland 32.76€ with AR 61%
  4. Italy €21.84 with AR 53%
  5. Netherlands 18.2€ with AR 50%
  6. Spain €18.2 with AR 48%

Creative example for Temiserron Opti

Bay advice: the problem is extremely narrow, so we take the widest possible target. You can use creatives of smiling people sitting at the table or being active. It is advisable to use the floor on which the target is configured.

Take teasers with a CTR of 3% or more, create analogues, keep unique for Facebook and repeat uploads.

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