Seasonality of Nutra

04 November 2021

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Nutra is one of the first verticals that appeared in arbitrage. She was always poured on, regardless of the rules of advertising sites, censorship, geopolitics and other circumstances. Like other verticals, nutra has evolved and fluctuated during the pandemic.

Webmasters came up with new approaches and opened geos to make the vertical work. Complicated Facebook rules also influenced the development of advertising and the search for new sources of traffic.

While webmasters were working on a niche, many people had a question – is there a seasonality in the nutra and how to use it. We tried to sort out the issue.

Choosing an offer depending on the season

Nutra is run all year round. This is due to the fact that with the change of season, the needs of people change. In the spring, the need for a good appearance is aggravated, and by winter, people are stocking up on vitamin complexes.

In most cases, the choice of offer and efficiency in individual GEOs depend on seasonality. We studied cases vertically and found out which offers are better to launch in a particular season.

Seasonal offers

Some offers are better to promote in a certain season:

Men’s health/adult . The best time is spring and the first half of summer. Offers in this category show efficiency, as sexual desire is clearly expressed in spring and summer. This is due to the fact that women begin to wear loose clothing, and due to the flowering of nature, there is a surge of hormones.

Slimming. Spring and winter, for the same reasons. Before wearing revealing clothes, people want to lose weight, so weight loss offers work better this season.

Rejuvenation. The main effectiveness is shown in any season except autumn. In summer and winter, the growth of interest is provoked by an increased load on the skin, temperature drops are not beneficial. In the spring – the desire to prepare for the summer and be prettier in the most romantic season.

Diseases of the joints. The best time for this category of offers is summer and autumn. In the summer, many representatives of the older age category begin the gardening season. Due to age, the problem of joints in the summer is especially acute. In autumn, the bones of the older age category hurt due to rainy weather and cold snap.

Autumn and spring are the time for dietary supplements of general strengthening action and vitamin complexes. Waves of coronavirus fall precisely on these seasons. In addition, because of the change in weather, it is easier to get sick.

Pimples and acne is a problem that escalates at the end of summer. Because of the heat, acne appears more often, and in the fall, the main consumers of products begin to go to school. Due to the aggravated problem and the school year, acne remedies are relevant in the fall, or before it.

Insect repellents are most relevant in spring and summer. In the spring there is a peak of activity, by the middle of summer it decreases. Associated with the summer season and the awakening of nature.

Use this data when choosing an offer. In the inside, seasonality does not manifest itself too clearly, but an offer chosen taking into account seasonality will bring more profit.

Year-round offers

All year round you can effectively pour on these categories of goods:

  • Remedies from the heart
  • Prostatitis drugs
  • diabetes
  • For vision problems
  • other diseases that were not included in the selection

These offers do not depend on the season, as the need for them manifests itself regardless of the weather, temperature and activities. If you have chosen offers from similar categories, you need to focus primarily on new and unused geos.

How global events affect the vertical

The influence of global events manifests itself in different ways. Depends on the nature of the event, consider the main options:

Epidemic. This happened with the coronavirus, but do not think that this is a one-time situation. In countries with poor sanitation (such as India), epidemic outbreaks occur frequently. Epidemics have a positive effect on the nutra, as they create demand for health products. It is important that the selected geo is not quarantined, otherwise the offer will have a low buyout.

Conflicts. They usually have a negative effect. During conflicts, partner companies stop working with the selected geo, therefore, if the tension in the country increases, it is better to refuse to work in the selected geo.

Outbreaks of insect activity. Often happens, for example, in Australia. They have a positive effect, insect repellents and disinfectants are much easier to move forward.

These are the main types of events that can seriously affect the gut. Before the tide begins, be sure to evaluate the season, the situation in the country and analyze how suitable the offer is for work.

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