Making Money on Mother's Day: Best Tactics from DirectAffiliate

6 May 2021

7 min read

In May, we celebrate an important marketing event – Mother’s Day. If you play your cards right, this holiday could be a significant opportunity for you as a webmaster, given the rising cost trend in preparation for Mother’s Day. The expenses for this holiday are almost equal to Valentine’s Day, and may even exceed them.

Many people will look for good gifts to surprise their mothers. However, there are many opportunities to go beyond typical one-time gifts. During this period, people will keep their mothers in the spotlight, which means you can increase marketing effectiveness by simply tweaking the creatives and changing the marketing pitch.

Even if you don’t specialize in niches related to motherhood, there are still opportunities for you to optimize your campaigns.

Marketing Tactics:

In general, there are two points of view to consider, and therefore two types of audience with which you can work: 1) those who will receive gifts, and 2) those who will order them, that is, the mothers themselves.

We present audiences worth considering and positioning features:

Buying audience:

  • (adult) children

This is the main target audience, for whose attention everyone will compete. Sons and daughters will look for gifts for their mothers, while they are ready to spend significant amounts. However, you can encourage them to go beyond physical gifts and consider something that would improve or make their mothers’ lives easier. Almost every affiliate vertical can be relevant, as we explored earlier.

Based on this audience, consider more precise segmentation by age and product recommendations across different price ranges based on purchasing power and financial commitment. It would also be good to take into account differences in family composition. Traditional nuclear families are likely to remain in the majority, but the existence of foster families, multigenerational households, and families with single mothers, whose numbers are growing, should also be taken into account. Modify and run a few ads and captions to reflect these nuances and reach deeper into the hearts of your audience.

  • grandchildren

This is a more specific and relevant subcategory. Gifts for grandmothers differ significantly from gifts for mothers. Health, relaxation, and comfort devices such as massagers, soothing blankets, and band-aids can be great gifts for them.

It is also likely that grandmothers live at a considerable distance, perhaps even in another country. Recommend gift options that include free or flexible shipping.

  • Godchildren

Godparents are essential people in Christian Europe as they take on the responsibility of being the spiritual and religious guides of the child. Traditionally, each child has at least 3 godparents, two of the same sex and one of the other. Usually, these are close relatives or friends of the biological parents.

Nowadays, the role of godparents no longer has such a deep religious and spiritual meaning, having become more secular. Although not all godparents and godchildren are close, it is still a potential niche that you can exploit with related themed merchandise, especially in Christian countries such as Poland, Italy, Spain, Austria, France, etc., in which the percentage of baptism is quite high.

It is interesting to note that more importance is attached to the choice of godparents, and that godparents retain more contact with the child over the years. Why not suggest to the godchildren on this holiday to send a little gift or a postcard to the godmother?

  • Husbands and grandfathers

On this day, mothers count on attention not only from their children. Some mothers want to receive tokens of appreciation from their partners, not just from their children. This is especially true for couples with young children who are not yet eligible to participate in Mother’s Day.

In a thread on Reddit, men admit that they would be grateful for a reminder and help with choosing a gift. Why not help them

  • Mothers themselves…

Mothers have their own mothers too. Like grandchildren, they may purchase gifts for older women, so advertised products should promote health and relaxation.

In addition, a significant portion of mothers seek to pamper themselves. Here are some other things to consider when targeting them in your promotions:

  • Motherhood

Appreciate the daily work of mothers and support them. Celebrate and reward motherhood with exclusive promotions or gifts. Help make their lives easier with your products and services.

Affiliates and marketers should take into account that mothers differ greatly in terms of self-identification. Compare a soccer mom to a yoga mom or a housewife to a businesswoman. The needs and desires of these groups differ. There are many product niches to choose from and keywords to use in campaigns.

It is also worth remembering another unique niche: pet moms (pet-moms).

Many millennials prefer pets over having children because of the high cost and burden of childcare in today’s hectic life. Pets are just as dear to their owners as children. In fact, the second Saturday in May is designated as National Dog Mom’s Day.

Both married and single women can self-identify as pet moms, providing plenty of marketing opportunities for affiliates. Puppies, cats, parrots…the possibilities are endless. If you have a store offering custom clothing and various products, pet designs are something you can offer and promote during this period.

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