Get the most out of your summer holidays

20 June 2021

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This summer, there will be several notable events that can be a good newsbreak for webmasters. Whether you’re an affiliate or an online marketer, pay attention to what’s relevant to you and your business, and be sure to save the dates.

Holiday season | June – September

The first and most important informational occasion is the summer holidays. This is the period of time that all students look forward to. This is a break in the school calendar when they take 1 to 3 months off. Many during this period get a summer internship or job, earning extra money on vacation.

The start time of academic holidays and their duration in Europe differ depending on the country. In most countries, it will start in July and last until September 2023. Some countries even have summer holidays that start from the very beginning of June, such as Latvia and Finland.

In fact, not only students will be on vacation. In many European countries, many workers will also be taking vacations during this time. Many businesses will be closed for the summer months and locals will travel abroad to enjoy their holidays.

Again, each country has different times when workers go on vacation. In Spain, many workers take a holiday from late July to August, with many shops closing at 3:00 pm due to the heat. For Italy and Germany, the holiday period lasts from mid-July to August. In France, summer holidays last all of August. This is why August is considered one of the worst months to travel in Europe – almost none of the local shops will be open.

Travel may still be restricted due to COVID-19. However, many European countries have begun to open up, and places like Greece have already begun to welcome tourists within the region.

If you’re interested in pleasing those in a festive mood, be sure to look out for the difference in holiday periods between geos. Now more than ever, it’s important to segment your audience by country and plan your campaigns around summer vacation dates.

What niches are relevant

When people are in a festive mood, they are more likely to spend more fun. That’s why many companies will get into the marketing business during the summer, offering sales, discounts, summer items, and more. And you should join them!

During this festive period, the following niches will be relevant:

  • Beauty
  • Electronic commerce
  • Weight loss
  • Health
  • Increase in muscle mass
  • Games
  • Trips
  • Hobby

Another potential niche is education, in particular language courses. While on holiday in another country, many will want to learn the basics of the local language for a more exciting experience. Since there is no need to go to school or work, which take up almost all the time, in the summer they can pull up the missing knowledge.

On the other hand, business software and applications would do well to refrain from active marketing during this period. Moreover, there will be almost no one in the office and in a working mood.

Offers for school supplies and other essentials should start a few weeks before the end of summer break. They may be aimed at parents or even older students who have their own income. However, don’t start promoting them too early, as early school reminders can be annoying.

Summer sales | June – September

Many sales are held this season to get rid of the stock of the previous one. In each country, summer sales are held on different dates. Be sure to run ads during this time to stay relevant, stay competitive, and keep your audience interested.

Summer sale periods in Europe

Father’s Day | June 5 – November 14

Father’s Day, like Mother’s Day, is celebrated in many countries. There are different traditions in Europe, so each country celebrates Father’s Day at different times. Portugal celebrates it in March along with Saint Joseph’s Day; Latvia – on the second Sunday of September; Luxembourg in October and Finland in November.

However, many countries still celebrate it in June, with most of them celebrating on June 18th. This includes the US, UK, Canada, Chile, France and Ireland. Denmark celebrates it earlier – on June 5; Lithuania and Switzerland – June 4; Austria and Belgium – 11 June. Poland celebrates this holiday later – on June 23.

Usually spending on Father’s Day is much lower than on Mother’s Day. On average, expected spending per consumer is $135, as opposed to $186 for mothers. However, the trend seems to be reversed in 2023 as early customer inquiries are up 109%.

Here are a few products that will suit this occasion. pretty good.

Current niches:

  1.  Personalized gifts – No wonder personalized gifts are at the top of the list. Look for and promote more creative solutions, going beyond the “Best Dad” cliché. Consider opting for niche designs like the iconic “I’m Your Father” t-shirt for an audience interested in Star Wars. DIY gifts and therefore craft kits are also great. Adult children can afford engraved products. Popular offerings are watches, wallets, phone cases and phone chargers.
  2.  Electronics – As trite as it sounds, electronics are one of the most practical items on your Father’s Day shopping list. Subscriptions to games and consoles are also in the top, and in 2021 games of the past will be re-released. Not to mention products for musicians that even people on a tight budget can afford. Why not give your lazy dad a DVR or phone mount? Not only mothers use consumer electronics, but also fathers. You can also help create memorable experiences with new products like the portable pizza oven, perfect for families. After all, products are a dime a dozen, but experiences are hard to forget.
  3.  Health – Men’s grooming products are becoming more and more popular. Electric shavers and skin care products like moisturizers and toners are great for those on a budget. For dads, who are the main breadwinners of the family, work can be very tiring. Painkillers, eye masks, and comfortable shoe soles are also suitable. Gift sets with a variety of goods will be the best choice for Father’s Day.

Game releases

  • The European games market is currently valued at 20 billion euros. 250 million people in Europe play video games, which is 51% of the European population. Since almost half of the participants (45%) are women, the target audience of the market is relatively balanced and provides more opportunities for a gender-specific offer. New gaming events will be organized in the 3rd quarter of 2021.
  • This summer there will be a variety of gaming events. If you like gaming offers, take a look! Usually the hype happens before, during and after these events. Look out for titles being announced for ideas on what prequels, peripherals, and consoles to promote.

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