Preparation for St. Valentine: Alternatives (Part 2)

08 February 2021

6 min read

In the previous article, we talked about optimizing St. Valentine for a European audience with a focus on couples. However, this is not the only option that can be selected. If you have serious competition, here are a few alternatives to consider!


It’s a huge market with many categories to play with. Here are a few possibilities:

  1. In search of love: on the eve of St. Valentine, some may feel their loneliness deeper. They become more open to romance and start looking for dates themselves. This is where you can start with dating campaigns. For this audience, adult offerings can also have a lot of potential.
  2. Holiday of Solitude: On the other side of the barricades will be those who are proud of not being in a relationship and rejoice in their freedom. This audience is looking to indulge, so consider verticals such as e-commerce, beauty, entertainment, and events. In the end, you need to love yourself too.
  3. Love for friends and family. Others can take advantage of this day to express gratitude to their friends and family, as is done, for example, in Finland and Estonia. In the UK, following the plans of the majority to give gifts to their partners, 7% plan to give gifts to their children, 6% to their mother and 5% to friends. In this case, e-commerce offers for gifts of toys, chocolate and flowers can work. For girlfriends, the best gifts are cosmetics. For elderly parents – health products.
  4. Pet owners: Many people adore their pets, and when people have no one to give their love to, they start pampering their furry comrades. In 2017, 19% of Britons bought gifts for their pets and spent up to £27m. There is definitely potential in pet offers.
  5. Anti-Valentines: This niche has only grown in popularity over the years. As of January 2020, in the US, up to 25% of consumers surveyed bought “anti” Valentine’s Day gifts. Valentine. Tired of the lavish consumer spectacles that the holiday has been turned into, some take pleasure in the mocking and ironic gifts expressing their cynical attitude towards St. Valentine or even to love itself. Such sentiments seem to be more prominent among the younger generation, especially those aged 13 to 36.

Some were unhappy in previous relationships, and therefore remain indifferent to this romantic holiday. For inspiration before targeting this audience, think back to how the San Antonio and El Paso Zoos on St. Valentine sold rats and cockroaches so people could name them after their exes and feed them to the animals!

In general, this holiday is a great opportunity for marketers to show their creativity. Don’t miss it, dear affiliates!!

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