Facebook Tightened Screws: How to Bypass Moderation and Extend Account Life

20 October 2020

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Facebook continues to tighten rules for advertising campaigns every year, but media buyers who understand the potential of the social network and want to get as many leads as possible can still find ways to work with the Zuckerberg platform. In this article, we will analyze how to work with Facebook in 2021, how to bypass moderation, provide advice from top teams, and analyze the main mistakes that lead to a ban.

Currently, most accounts are banned at the launch stage, the cost of consumables is increasing daily, and many teams are leaving to get traffic from other sources. To warm up accounts, top teams use the following approach:

  1. Engagement + page promotion for 1-2 days. After warming up, the team leaves the page promotion with a budget of $1 per day and simultaneously launches a gray offer.
  2. Engagement + page promotion for 3-5 days. After this warm-up, the team leaves an opening for a few dollars and simultaneously launches advertising for a black offer.
  3. Warming up with a white offer (spending $200-300). Then, the team launches a black offer and turns off advertising for a white product at the same time. This approach increases the account’s credibility and raises the daily turnover up to $250.

A safe approach to launch a gray offer is to use teaser creatives with jars and packages for products like anti-wrinkle creams. Under such creatives, white pages in the form of articles from traditional medicine show themselves perfectly. During the period of bans, it is recommended to test offers of different GEOs, proxies, and payment systems to choose the best option.

To bypass moderation, top teams use Google Vision, a tool that allows them to see what is on the creative and change it to the desired result. This tool also helps to identify invalid things on creatives and fix them. Additionally, using little tricks like blurring, color correction, and creating art from a picture can help.

To prolong the account’s working time and stop spending most of the budget on consumables, it is crucial to launch products that Facebook is comfortable with, such as bracelets, reading glasses, English language courses, and IT. Marketers should think about the audience and make really interesting creatives while carefully working out the landing page, accounts, and other elements for the launch.

To make it easier to launch and save time, we have put together a pool of tips on how to work with Facebook. To select an offer, warm up accounts with white offers that people use daily. Use old accounts with age or rent a live account and use it with a mobile proxy. Fill out the business page as much as possible and try to verify the business manager. Avoid prohibited items in creatives, and understand how Facebook works, as it loves native advertising.

Offer selection: Warm up your accounts with white offers. The product should not promise earnings, be used for medical purposes, or increase various parts of the body. To reach a wider audience, use products that people use daily. Rejuvenators are perfect in our case, as Facebook is quite tolerant of creams.

Accounts Autoregs and newregs immediately go into the furnace. Only old ones with age, long-standing accounts of relatives and friends are perfect. Renting a live account and using it in conjunction with a mobile proxy is a great option. You can link trusted auto-registrations to old accounts to fill in on volumes. Fill out the business page as much as possible. Forget about a few words and write about opening hours, website, phone number, and employees. Try to verify the business manager. Facebook wants you to play by its rules, so why hide from it? Remember that you are now on the other side of the barricades and there is nothing to hide.

Creatives: To get started, open the help section and carefully study what is prohibited. Simply avoid these items, such as arrows for swipe and price tags in full screen. Understand how Facebook works; it loves native advertising. Users should not leave their phone in fright from the creative but smile and throw it to their friends for evaluation. Marketers call this virality.

More than 80% of advertising campaigns are blocked due to violation of the most banal rules. We have collected them and provided a small list.

Facebook ads must not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, color, national origin, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, health condition, marital status, or gender identity.

Facebook has serious requirements for adult content. In addition to the ban on nudity in the image, ads featuring people in obscene poses or actions that are overly explicit or sexually provocative are not allowed.

You cannot use personal characteristics in ads, such as name, race, religion, beliefs, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, medical, or financial condition.

Keep a working and up-to-date algorithm on how to get a trust account:

Buy SIM cards of any local operator equal to the required number of accounts. Link new card numbers to Google mail. Purchase a VDS for each account, preferably one that is not listed in the Facebook database. If this is not possible, then invest in clean proxies. Buy an IP address in your region. Use VDS + IP + proxy and SIM + Google mail bundles to create an advertising campaign. Forget accounts for 2-4 weeks. Bots pick on campaigns launched from fresh pages. After waiting for the due date, enter the payment details. Drain a small budget (up to $50) for white goods. At the same time, run several advertising campaigns. Only then start pouring on the right offer. Ads are highly likely to be moderated by Facebook.

Finally, keep in mind the main points that “help” get a ban:

  • Change your account password frequently.
  • Avoid using links from the Facebook blacklist.
  • Do not run too many “gray” campaigns on a new account.
  • Do not start with large budgets right away.
  • Do not link accounts to each other (if you get banned, then on all fronts).
  • Always clear cookies and cache after blocking.
  • Do not annoy users with trashy creatives.

The main scheme for flooding traffic through Facebook is as follows: find an account in the bins with a passed ban on advertising activities, then buy 4-5 logs and turn off notifications. Specifically, log out to knock down cookies and then go to the main account to launch traffic to several advertising accounts. Additionally, you can test with a cloaca, but keep in mind that sometimes Facebook skips “gray” offers directly

A successful launch on Facebook should start with learning help, setting up and warming up ad accounts, using the right creatives, and not aggressive launching. Thus, you save on consumables and get a stable source of traffic.

Remember our advice and profit will only grow!

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