Nutra development in 2020-2021, prospects Coronavirus, sales boom

16 December 2021

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At the beginning of the pandemic, when the coronavirus was just beginning to sweep the world, people were conscious about health more than ever. Some switched to remote employment and began to spend more time on the Internet.

Webmasters and advertisers were quick to capitalize on this trend, pouring more resources into these verticals and seeing a boost in conversions and income. At the time, popular items included dietary supplements and general strengthening vitamin complexes.

The audience did not believe that the coronavirus would have a significant impact on daily life, and instead saw the situation as an unplanned vacation. They parted with money out of boredom and inactivity for two to three months, and purchasing power was preserved.

Following that, the situation deteriorated.

Bans, quarantines, and burnout

Almost all verticals, including nutra, were destroyed in the second part of 2021. The following are the issues that developed in the vertical:

  • Decreased purchasing power: People realized that the restrictions would not be removed soon, and therefore began to be more attentive to money.
  • Advertising rates increased: Rates at advertising auctions have risen as a result of the influx of arbitrageurs. Also, Facebook began to ban accounts and creatives more frequently.
  • Fatigued audiences: People spend a lot more time on the Internet. Users quickly became accustomed to creatives as a result of more webmaster activity, and banner blindness emerged.
  • Buyouts suffered: as a result of a drop in purchasing power. The mandated quarantines prevented individuals from getting to the post office to redeem their goods. Several geos have been closed.

Once Europe and Asia ran dry, arbitrageurs shifted their attention to Latin America.

The transfer in arbitrageurs’ attention to other GEOs allowed Europe to “relax,” and specialists to devise new techniques.

New approaches

The new is simply the forgotten old. Experts have tried several ways, and some of them have shown to be effective.

Refuse images of doctors or professionals in the development of creatives; the public is used to this. Employ “one-of-a-kind” information, banners, and images. This will help bypass banner blindness.

Native advertising has grown in prominence as a traffic source against the backdrop of Facebook blocking. It performed admirably and proved to be a convenient and cost-effective source of traffic.

As Europe was resting, webmasters flooded Latin America, Asia, and the CIS republics with traffic. People in European countries have taken a vacation from nutritional offers, rebuilt their purchasing power, and most quarantines have been lifted during this time.

Masks, gloves, vitamin complexes, and antiseptics are among the new products available to certain GEOs. They continued to pour in until the globe had accustomed to coronavirus restrictions.

Results and prospects

In the second half of 2021, as infrastructure adapted to the virus, many restrictions were lifted. Nutra now breathes more freely, but the events have greatly affected the vertical.

Before low tide, check that the country has a calm political and coronavirus situation. There should be no strict measures in the region that would restrict the movement or work of users.

Refuse the low tide on Asian countries, the conflict in Afghanistan has seriously affected the ability to pay in the region. Pay attention to Europe, during the coronavirus boom, little was poured into it, and people have lost the habit of offering webmasters.

When choosing an offer, focus on weight loss products or anti-aging creams with unusual features. They will help increase conversions and stand out from other offers. For example, Vanefist Neo is an effervescent diet pill. The new form factor attracts people better.

Resist coronavirus offers; the infrastructure already meets the consumer’s needs. It is unnecessary to advertise masks and antiseptics.

Use traditional enticing images in creatives and show the problem in person. Use these creatives:


Coronavirus has seriously affected the nutra vertical. To earn revenue, webmasters had to compete and explore for new techniques swiftly. When the virus subsides, the interior practices will return to normal.

Drive to geos that were unavailable during the pandemic, experiment with creatives, and prioritize classic offers; this will result in profit.

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