Top Affiliate Marketing Events for Second Half of 2023

15 May 2023

10 min read

Collaboration is an unavoidable aspect of the affiliate marketing industry. Whether you’re a seller, an affiliate, or an industry professional, networking and meeting people in the field is the best method to learn more about making money through affiliate marketing and building your business.

Affiliate marketing events are one of the best places to meet like-minded folks. However, these events can be costly, so you must decide whether the investment is worthwhile.

Here are some upcoming affiliate events that we believe are worthwhile throughout the year 2023. Sign up for the event that best suits your requirements or industry.

1. Affiliados Brasil


  • Date : 25 – 27 May 2023
  • Venue : São Paulo, Brazil

Affiliados Brasil, one of the first and largest affiliate marketing events in Brazil, offers you the opportunity to learn everything you need about affiliate marketing. Expect to hear from top industry executives, learn about the most recent marketing methods, and network with peers from all around the world.



  • Date : 14 – 18 June 2023
  • Venue : São Paulo, Brazil

The SiGMA conference is one of the most prominent in the gaming and gambling verticals. This international event will be hosted in Sao Paulo, Brazil, for people living in South America, and it will feel more intimate than their prior events, allowing them to focus on a more exclusive audience.

3. Affiliate World BARCELONA


  • Date : 12 – 13 July 2023
  • Venue : Fira de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

Affiliate World Europe is a two-day conference taking place where experts will take the stage to provide new insights, data-driven techniques, and cutting-edge ideas in affiliate and ecommerce marketing. Affiliates from all over the world get together to network with other affiliate marketers and merchants, learn about the latest marketing methods, and discover new ways to better their campaigns.

4. Affiliate Summit EAST


  • Date : 31 July – 1 August 2023
  • Venue : New York Marriott Marquis

Affiliate Summit East, one of the major affiliate marketing events in the United States, gathers leading affiliates, advertisers, and affiliate programme managers from across the world. With more than 3,000 participants, this is one of the world’s largest affiliate marketing conferences. Over the course of two days, affiliates can expect to hear from top industry leaders, learn about the latest trends, and network with peers from all over the world.




  • Date : 20 – 21 September 2023
  • Venue : Cologne, Germany

DMEXCO, Digital Marketing Exposition & Conference, brings together industry executives, marketing and media professionals, and technology pioneers in Europe. DMEXCO provides an ecosystem of expositions, pioneering keynotes, vibrant debates, and educational masterclasses detailing the future of the digital economy and driving market value. It is a must-attend conference for every marketing professional trying to remain ahead of the competition.

6. PI Live Europe


  • Date : 24 – 25 October 2023
  • London, United Kingdom

PI LIVE drives the industry narrative with an emphasis on outcome-based and measurable marketing, including the most recent thinking on affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, partnership marketing (including brand-to-brand), and performance marketing. The event provides the opportunity for businesses and retailers to connect with thousands of publishers, creators, like-minded brands, and technology to spark successful partnerships.



  • Date : 5 – 6 November 2023
  • Venue : Tel-Aviv, Israel

DMIEXPO, the fastest-growing digital and affiliate marketing conference, brings together affiliate marketers and digital marketing professionals. The conference will feature top-performing marketers, advertisers, digital marketing professionals, brands, influencers, and C-level executives to motivate delegates to improve their methods. Over 2,800 people attend DMIEXPO, with over 100 international speakers and 120 exhibitors.

8. Web Summit Lisbon


  • Date : 13 – 16 November 2023
  • Venue : Lisbon, Portugal

Web Summit is dedicated to hosting world-class technology and marketing conferences. They have so far held events in Lisbon, Rio de Janeiro, and Hong Kong.

The Web Summit Lisbon in 2023 is expected to draw over 70,000 attendees. With a broad lineup of guest speakers, entrepreneurs and marketers may forge new connections and collaborations while expanding their knowledge and abilities on the best affiliate marketing and eCommerce methods.

9. Affiliate World Asia


  • Date : 7 – 8 December 2023
  • Venue : Bangkok, Thailand

Affiliate World Asia is a greatly anticipated annual event that brings together over 5,000 attendees and over 30 speakers from around the world to network and explore new business prospects in the midst of technological breakthroughs.

The two-day conference, which will be hosted in Bangkok, Thailand, will provide an opportunity for affiliate marketers, investors, brands, and advertisers to explore cutting-edge approaches to affiliate marketing and eCommerce.

Attending these events will help you connect with other affiliates more effectively, learn about their needs and issues, and discover new ways to collaborate. You will also have the opportunity to gain insight from experts in the field and discover new tools and tactics to better your marketing efforts and affiliate sales.

If you want to further strengthen your affiliate marketing strategies and reach a larger audience, please contact our Affiliate Management team at Our team of experts can assist you in developing a successful plan, identifying new opportunities, and optimising your campaigns for maximum effectiveness. Allow us to assist you in taking your affiliate marketing efforts to the next level and drive more sales for you.

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