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If you have your own website, blog, vlog or fan page and you want to make good money,
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  • You make money on acquiring leads, and not on the sales as in other affiliate networks.
  • You choose from among 54 high converting products, which guarantees big profits.
  • You receive ready advertising materials in 30 languages, so you can operate globally on up to 35 markets.
  • At the very beginning of the cooperation you get consultancy, your personal account manager and the support of the team consisting of copywriters, programmers, graphic designers and translators.
  • You start earning in a few minutes after registering in the network.
  • You participate in the partnership program: you build your own on-line structure and earn on the traffic that will be generated by the partners you invited to cooperate.

I cooperate with Direct Affiliate from the very beginning and I am
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Maciej Chmurkowski, CEO in Adinspire Ltd.

Make money within the Direct Affiliate network.

The idea of an affiliate network is to display and share on your websites, portals, vortals, blogs or fan pages materials that advertise specific products or services. The way you do it is solely up to you. If you're effective and generate traffic - your profits increase.

You make money on generating contact leads, not on the sales as with other affiliate networks. You don't sell products. You just need to undertake such actions which will make Internet users interested in a given product and will generate traffic on advertiser's websites. You earn when visitors leave their contact details on those websites.

You get professional support. You don't have to be a specialist in the field of affiliate marketing. Your personal account manager will constantly be in touch with you and will help you solve any issue as well as show you how to increase your profit. You'll learn how to make money on your website, portal or blog, how to increase traffic and build Internet users involvement.

You receive materials available in 35 languages. Just upload them on your website, blog or portal and handle the traffic out there. Thanks to it, Internet users are redirected onto our partners' websites and leave their contact details there, and you make money. If you need additional materials or materials in another language, we'll be happy to provide you with them.

Make money on your website: the more leads, the bigger profit.
In Direct Affiliate it's easy.

You promote only those products which your visitors are interested in.

Generating leads is a piece of cake as you recommend your visitors products and services they actively seek for anyway.

You advertise products which easily draw Internet users' attention.

You can choose from among 54 products: Big earnings are already in your pocket because you promote brands advertised through many other channels on the Internet. People who visit your website are probably already familiar with them.

You get a high commission even if visitors don't buy anything.

Your earnings do not depend on strict sales figures which are influenced by many factors. You earn on what you have real impact on. Unlike with other networks, you get the commission whenever Internet users leave their contact details on advertisers' websites.

You follow the indicators and keep on optimizing your efforts.

In the control panel you can see all statistics in the real time. You can have an eye on your promotional strategy on a regular basis. Therefore, you are able to react immediately when the results aren't bringing you sufficient profit any more.

You receive materials available in 30 languages.

No matter where your website visitors come from, you present them banners, pages (landing page) and other materials in their mother tongue. In this way, you increase the conversion and guarantee a higher income.

You can participate in the partnership program.

If you want to increase your profit even more, you can build your own structure within the network and get commissions from profits reached by partners you invited to cooperate.


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